Personal information

Official Address

Former Professor & Head, Department of Music,
University of Kerala, Thycaud PO
Trivandrum – 14
Mobile – 9447429008
Res. – 0471-2477482

Academic Positions

  • Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts,University of Kerala
  • Member, Academic Council, University of Kerala
  • Former Member, Senate, University of Kerala
  • Former Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Kerala,
  • Member, Faculty of Fine arts, University of Kerala
  • Chairman, Board of Studies in Music – University of Kerala
  • Member, Board of Studies in Music :
    • Calicut University.
    • Mahatma Gandhi University
    • Kannur Univsersity
    • Padmavathi Mahila Univsersity, Tirupathy
  • Recognized Supervising Guide in Music – M.Phil & Ph.D
    • University of Kerala
    • Sree Sankarachyara Sanskrit University, Kalady, Kerala,
    • Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal,
    • Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University, Trichur

Research Experience

Ph.D Programme:
Ph.Ds produced – 23

(a) University of Kerala – 16

    (b) Kerala Kalamadalam Deemed University, (3)

(c) Sree Sankara Sanskrit University, Kalady (4)

  • Navavarana Kirtanas of South Indian Music
  • Analytical Study of Melas and Janyas coming under VIII, IX, X, XI Chakras of 72 Mela Scheme.
  • Analytical Study of Shadava Sampurna Ragas of Carnatic Music
  • Vakra Ragas

Theses submitted for Ph.D: (2 Nos)

  • A Peep into the Folklore of North Kerala – Theyyam
  • Contributions of Muthaya Bhagavatar to Music

Guidance being pursued for Ph.D. Degree (6)

  1. A Study on the compositions in praise of Goddess Saraswathy
  2. A Study of the concept Lord Shiva through musical compositions
  3. A study on the decorative anagas – Solkettu and Madhyamakala Sahitya in Sanskrit compositions.
  4. A study of Varnas in dual forms
  5. The impact of technology in music
  6. Nishadha Varjya Ragas
  7. Nishada Varjya Ragas
  8. Analytical Study of the compositions of Goula Ragas.
  9. A study on Allied ragas
  10. Dasavatars in Musical forms
  11. The musical forms in Neelambari raga

Thesis Evaluated (7 nos): (Ph.Ds)

  1. Isai Valarchiyil Panarkain Pagu, Tamil University, Tanjore
  2. Nalayeeram Divya Prabhandam, Tamil University, Tanjore
  3. Thennaga Isai Varalatil Yazhum Veenayum, Tamil University, Tanjore
  4. Ramanataka Kirtanai & Nandanar Charitra Kirtanai, Tamil University, Tanjore
  5. Mahakavi Bharatiyaar Padalkalin Isai, Tamil University, Tanjore
  6. Nagasvara Isai Marabum Palveru paanikalum, Tamil University, Tanjore
  7. An Analytical Study on the Laya applied in various aspects of South Indian Classical Music, Univsersity of Madurai.
  8. Stylistic Analysis of the Compositions of Kallidaikurichi Vedanta Bhagasvathar, University of Madras

Ph.D. Preliminary Qualifying Examination Thesis: (2 Nos)

  • Aesthetics in Music
  • Musical talents, Musical appreciation & Personality types and Experimental comparison.

M.Phil Programme (17)

  • University Of Madras (2)
    • Comparative study of Kamboji & Yadukula Kambhoji
    • Relation between Text, Sahitya & Tala in music
    • Nada yoga impact on Chakras
    • Thiruvanmiyur Marundisvarar Aalayathil Isai
  • Mother Teresa University, Kodaikanal (2)
    • Sampurna Melas of Muthuswamy Dikshitar
    • Contributions of Syama Sastri to classical music
  • Sree Sankara Sanskrit University, Kalady; (8)
    • Janya Ragas of Nata Bhairavi
    • Raga Malikas of Swati Tirunal
    • Kshetra Kritis of Muthuswamy Dikshitar (other than Tamilnadu)
    • Psycho-social problems in music students
    • Influence of Lalitha Sahasranama in Syama Sastri’s kritis
    • Palghat as a Seat of Music
    • Musical and Lyrical aspects of Attakadha –Kichakavadham
    • Music Education under Gurukulam & Institutilon
  • University of Kerala (5)
    • Study on Audava sampurna ragas
    • Varnas in Ghana ragas
    • Study on Ananda Bhairavi Raga
    • Study on Lakshna Gitas & Lakshya Gitas
    • Compositions of M.D Ramanathan.
    • Raga Surutti, Analytical study.
    • An Analytical Study of the Raga Simhendra Madhyamam
    • The Invincibioity of Violin in carnatic music.
    • The Compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar in praise of Lord Subramonaya
    • An analytical study of the Raga Arabhi

Project Guidance:

  • Navavarana Kirtanas
  • Vakra Ragas

Other Assignments

  • SEMINARS organized – Six
  • Seminars / Conferences attended – Ten
  • External expert Selection / Screen Committee for recruitment / reemployment of teachers in Dept. Of Musicology, Rabindra Bharathi University, Kolkata.
  • Editor, “Nadamritham” – Kerala University Research Journal of music
  • Expert Member of the Committee for Chembai Memorial award constituted by Government of Kerala.
  • External Evaluator for SLET Examination – Avinasha Lingam Deemed University, Coimbatore
  • Subject Expert, Interview Board, Kannore University.
  • Resource person in Refresher courses in Malayalam and Sanskrit Department., UGC Academic Staff College, Univeristy of Kerala.
  • Expert member for Ph.D. Evaluation – Tamil University, Tanjore. & Madurai Kamaraj University.
  • Chairman of Board of Examination, MA. & BA – Kerala University & Calicut University.
  • External Examiner, MA (Music), Bangalore University
  • Chairman, Board of Paper setters for Calicut University BA & MA
  • Lecture Demonstration on Kerala’s Musical Tradition & importance of music concert to the Delegates from University of Wisconsin’s
  • Life Member Alumni Association, University of Kerala.
  • Life Member of Swati thirunal Sangeetha Sabha, Trivandrum
  • Life Member Bharat Scouts & Guides, Kerala Chapter
  • Hon. Adviser, Brehath Sangeeth Kendram, Trivandrum

Previous Experience

  • Reader, Department of Music, College for Women, Trivandrum
  • Lecturer, Govt College Chittor.
  • Lecturer, Swati Thirunal Music College, Trivandrum


  • Books published: Malayalam 6
  • Articles in approved journals: 27
  • Articles in Magazines and souvenirs: 30
  • Cassettes / CD released: 8